My Great-Grandfather David Moed’s Passport and Visa | The Very Ink That Saved My Family. We are forever indebted to Ambassador Aristides de Sousa Mendes


DISCLAIMER: This is the personal website of Eric Moed. The views expressed here are his own unless otherwise noted. The Project is focused on the proposal of a schematic design for a commemorative museum housed in the Casa do Passal, the former home of the diplomat Aristides de Sousa Mendes, who saved 30,000+ people during WWII. The home is located in Central-Northern Portugal and has been abandoned for over 50 years since being seized by the Portugese government as part of a campaign to punish him for his altruistic actions. Additionally the research will explore the Moed family’s journey out of WWII Europe; focusing on how their freedom was granted through visas provided by Mr. Sousa Mendes. This website is not directly affiliated with the Sousa Mendes Foundation. With that said, Eric Moed lauds the foundation for the amazing work it carries out. If you are looking for the Sousa Mendes Foundation please click HERE


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