Salvador Dali

Margret and H.A. Ray

Albert de Vleeschauwen: the "Belgian Charles de Gaulle."

Elvira Popescu: Star of the French stage and screen

Alexander Liberman: Artistic Director of Vogue magazine from 1941-1990s

Oscar Straus, composer of "The Chocolate Soldier," in a Nazi caricature as "the eternal Jew" from 1938

Antoni Slonimski, Major Polish Writer

Robert Lebel, writer on art, with artist Marcel Duchamp. On June 12, 1940 he received Visa #1380.

Marcel Dalio, a well-known French Actor

Madeleine Lebeau, with Humphrey Bogart in the film Casablanca

Daniel Matuzewitz, age 7, Granted Visa on May 31, 1940

Philip and Cornelia Prins

Fashion designer Nelly de Grab

Dali Work Executed After Receiving His Visa

Bromberger family in the U.S. after being rescued by Aristides de Sousa Mendes

The Habsburg Family in 1940 in the US, after being rescued by Aristides de Sousa Mendes. From a Life Magazine story on famous refugees.

Sousa Mendes visa recipients on the Steamship Quanza, who were not allowed to get off the boat because of U.S. immigration quotas. Eleanor Roosevelt herself finally intervened, and these poor refugees were rescued once again.

Arthur Oesterreicher

The Rozendaal Family

Marian Dabrowski: prominent pre-Holocaust Polish journalist

Georges and Tereska Torres

Norbert Gingold

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